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Get the book Defining Wealth for Women to discover how to let go of money overwhelm and stress to plan the financial future of your dreams for only $4.99.

Defining Wealth for Women Book

What if everything you learned about money is wrong?

From the outside, you have it all: the advanced degree and the high paying career.

But inside, money feels hard, complicated and stressful.

You're not alone. And, this is not an accident.

Women couldn't own property (or get a credit card) until this past century. We grew up with the messaging that our spending has to be reigned in and to save more. Our beliefs about money have been shaped by a society that looks down on money, especially for women. All of this makes for a lot of smart women with money “issues”.

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Women are gaining more economic power but the wealth gap between men and women remains vast.

For every $1 a man has, a woman has $0.73. And if you’re a woman of color, you have even less (as little as 1 cent!).

It’s time to take charge of your money. It’s time to make and have the money you really want.

No matter how much debt you have.

No matter which career you chose.

No matter where you live, or who you married (or divorced), or how many kids you have.

You can do this.

More money = More Options = Freedom.

It allows you to:

✓ Work less. Even better - pivot into the career you really want with meaning and purpose.

✓ Have more time - for yourself and with your family.

✓ Travel more (in style) and not be limited to your annual 4 week vacation allotment.

✓ Make the contribution and difference you always wanted to.

I’ll show you how in my book - Defining Wealth for Women.

You'll also learn how to get over:

✘ Feeling confused about where to even start or what to do.

✘ Your anxiety and stress about whether you will ever have enough money.

✘ Not wanting to budget or even look at your accounts (even though you know “you should”).

✘ Your fear of losing money if and when you invest.

✘ Your guilt about making or having too much money.

Get started now. Get the Book for only $4.99.

Photo of Bonnie Koo

A Note from Bonnie

In case we haven't met - I'm Bonnie. I'm a master certified life coach and physician.

I know what it's like to be an accomplished woman and feel woefully inadequate when it comes to money.

I know because I’ve been there. When I graduated from dermatology residency I had $20,000 of credit card debt and over $200,000 in student loans...and the 401(k) I’d had from my previous life at Morgan Stanley? Gone.

Fast forward to today:

✓ I’ve paid off those debts.

✓ I’m creating other pillars of income for myself, so I’m not dependent on a paycheck in order to pay my bills.

✓ I’ve been able to stop working full time as a physician.

It took me several years to learn and implement this. But it only took that long because I had to find and pull together all of the information myself.

It will go so much faster for you because I’ve already done the heavy lifting for you.

You can learn more about me here.

Get started now. Get the book for only $4.99.


"Bonnie Koo’s work is so important. In a world where even highly-trained professional women earn less than their male counterparts, we have to take our financial futures into our own hands. This book will help you do just that."

-Kara Loewentheil

Host, UnF*ck Your Brain podcast

"Women often hold themselves back from being (and feeling) wealthy. Defining Wealth for Women is for every woman ready to break that cycle."

-Letizia Alto, MD

Host, Rich Doc Poor Doc podcast

"Many financial experts view money as if it’s a math problem with an easy formula, setting women up for frustration when the formula doesn’t work. Dr. Koo takes us for a non-jargon stroll through the brain’s architecture and natural instincts that can trip us up on money and society’s women-specific programming that pile-on those instincts. Armed with the truth, we learn how to make, own and manage our money confidently."

-Sarah Catherine Gutierrez

Founder, Aptus Financial and author of But First, Save 10: The One Simple Money Move That Will Change Your Life

"Every woman needs this book.  We have to start the change we want to see so that our daughters and granddaughters aren’t still fighting for true financial equality and equal pay. The change starts with us at an individual level and our socialized beliefs, many of which we’re unaware of, that are holding us back.  Bonnie's book is a roadmap on everything you need to begin that journey. A must read!"

-Linda Street, MD

Host, Simply Worth It podcast

"If you want to learn the truth about your own money beliefs and exactly how to change them, this is a must-read."

-Natalie Bacon, JD, CFP

Founder, NatalieBacon.com

"Defining Wealth for Women marries brain science and the sordid history of women and money to empower women with the tools they need to create wealth."

-Farnoosh Torabi

Host, So Money podcast and author of When She Makes More

"This book is an invitation for women to challenge the common belief that it is taboo to talk about money.  It is not only okay to talk about money, but it is critically important for women to talk about money if we ever want to earn equal pay or have equal economic power."

-Sunny Smith, MD

Founder, Empowering Women Physicians

"Bonnie Koo is calling for a "Women's Wealth Revolution," and her book Defining Wealth for Women is going to kickstart that revolution. Her book beautifully marries science with strategy and offers the tools every woman should master to become wealth empowered. This is a must-read for any woman who desires peace, purpose, and plenty of cash!"

-Amy Porterfield

Host, Online Marketing Made Easy podcast

"In many ways, women start out their financial lives with one arm tied behind their back. Dr. Koo will help you even the playing field and reach your financial dreams!"

-James M. Dahle, MD

Founder, White Coat Investor

"Dr. Bonnie Koo is the voice professional, ambitious women need to feel empowered about their money choices. She is an excellent example of someone who went from being in debt to becoming an investing powerhouse. She is a trusted voice in the personal finance space and someone many women, myself included, look up to."

-Catherine Alford

Author, Mom's Got Money, A Millennial Mom's Guide to Managing Money Like a Boss

"This book should be required for every woman at every stage of their wealth building. Our thoughts about money are formed by multiple factors and it’s about time to take control of them through the lessons taught in Defining Wealth for Women."

-Hala Sabry, DO, MBA

Founder, Physician Moms Group and Feminist Legacy Coach

Get started now. Get the book for only $4.99.


Chapter 1 - Myth: Money is Complicated
Chapter 2 - Myth: Money is Stressful
Chapter 3 - Myth: Money is (Im)moral
Chapter 4 - Myth: That’s Just How It Is
Chapter 5 - Myth: Debt Must Die!
Chapter 6 - Myth: Everybody Works for Money
Chapter 7 - Myth: Budgets are Money Diets
Chapter 8 - Myth: Life Begins at Retirement
Chapter 9 - Myth: Risk is Risky

Defining Wealth for Women Book