Welcome to Wealthy Mom MD

Wealthy Mom MD’s mission is to empower women physicians to build wealth and create the life they love.

I created this website as a resource for physician moms due to the enormous gap in knowledge and resources on how women physicians should manage money.

I had a late start finishing residency at age 38, but I am well on my way to financial independence.

At Wealthy Mom MD, you’ll find practical and actionable tips to get you on your way to financial literacy and ultimately freedom. Learn how to navigate retirement accounts, the rising cost of childcare and college tuition, and stave career burnout. Meet other women physicians—just like you—who are gaining the courage and clarity to create a brighter future.

You got this! I promise you that it is nowhere near as hard as what you’ve had to learn to become a physician. All it takes is a little effort and courage.

To your wealth,