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Student Loan Planner If you've got six figures of med school loans, Travis from Student Loan Planner can show you how to eliminate student loans as a source of stress in life and how to save every dollar possible while paying them back. Whether you're trying to optimize Public Service Loan Forgiveness, decide if you should refinance, choose the right repayment plan, or figure out your tax filing status, he will listen to your concerns and solve them. Even better, you'll save dozens of hours studying the student loan system that you can spend doing something more enjoyable. Check out Travis' ultimate (and free) student loan calculator here. If you'd like to learn more, check out how you can get student loan help here.

Student Loan Refinancing:

First Republic Bank – $200 back to you!

The best fixed rates by FAR are with First Republic Bank. What's the “catch?” You must live near a physical branch (NYC, Boston, Socal, Norcal and others) and use them as your main checking account. This also becomes a private loan and they are not forgiven at death. If you pay back your loans within 2 years you get most of the interest you paid back! I refinanced part of my student loans with First Republic and have been very happy with their truly personal banking service. Get started by clicking here or contacting Kerry Berchtold at at 339-235-0419 . Don't forget to mention Wealthy Mom MD to get your $200 once you're approved!

Splash FinancialSplash Financial – $500+ back to you!  

Splash Financial is relatively new to the student loan refinancing scene. They offer fixed and variable rates with terms ranging from 5-15 years. You can refinance up to $300K loan balance. What I like about Splash is that a non-spouse co-signer will be released from the loan after 12 months of on-time payments. Open to U.S. Citizens only.

Credible – Up to $1,000 back to you!

Credible makes it really easy to check what rate(s) you will qualify for. The “Kayak” of student loan refinancing, you'll get rates to several different companies in one place.         Commonbond Refi Link

Commonbond – $200 Back to you!