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An exclusive coaching program designed for successful women who want to be confident .... and be rich.

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You're a successful woman who's made it.

Yet, you don't feel like it inside.

On the outside, you have it all – the advanced degree. High paying career. The home. The family.

But inside it’s a different story. 

You don’t feel like you’ve made it despite having made it. You feel like it’s never enough – you don’t have enough time or money. You’re insecure. You’re anxious …. about everything. So no wonder you have a hard time enjoying the life you created.   


Deep down you think … maybe something is wrong with you.

Maybe you’re missing the happiness gene. 

In other words - the negative self-talk continues to rage. Sure, maybe it was helpful for you in the past – after all, it got you to where you are now. And we all thought it would go away once we arrived. 

You know, the voice that tells you:

  • You’re not enough. You need more.
  • You're behind and don’t have enough money.
  • You should be grateful for what you have. It could be worse.
  • You shouldn’t put yourself first - that’s selfish. 
  • What? You want more? Who do you think you are?

You spend more time than you’d like to admit feeling unfulfilled, stressed, and insecure. With a sprinkle of guilt and shame. 

So, what do you do? 

  • You eat cookies and watch netflix at night. You’ve watched all 40 seasons of survivor.
  • You splurge on that nice purse … then regret it when you get the credit card bill.
  • You overwork.
  • You play small. You don’t go after your dreams because what if you fail and what will people think?
  • You stay in relationships that aren’t working for way too long.
  • You care more about what other people think than what you think, even of yourself.
  • You make less money

Secretly, you’re waiting for some
thing, some one to tell you, you are enough. 

You already know the bad news - you’re still waiting. And that negative voice hasn’t gone away. 

There’s great news:

You can quiet down that negative voice inside your head. You can learn to trust and love yourself and to put yourself first. You can love and enjoy your life now and have deep compassion for yourself no matter what happens. And be rich. 


An exclusive coaching program for successful women, like you, who want to live wealthy.

You can have the confidence and joy you only imagined were possible for other women.


That means:

  • Not feeling guilty as an ambitious working mom – because you know that you are a great mom, full stop.
  • Not worrying about what other people think of you – because you know who you are and are not ashamed of it.
  • Knowing, deep down, that you can handle anything, no matter what happens.
  • Not defaulting to negative self-talk when things happen. Because things will still happen.
  • Not waiting for people’s approval or the next promotion to feel good about yourself – because you already feel great about yourself.
  • Making more money and not apologizing for it.
Bonnie Koo in Pink Dress

Because being wealthy isn’t just about what you have – it’s about how you feel about yourself inside.

This is living wealthy.

I've been in your shoes.

I didn’t always live wealthy.

Like you, I collected all the “stamps” of external achievement: a college degree at Barnard, a career at Morgan Stanley where I was making 6 figures before I turned 23. Followed by a medical degree at Columbia and dermatology residency.

I created a family. I took a 6 month sabbatical where I traveled to places like Bora Bora and lived in Hawai’i for a few months. I created a $1 million dollar business teaching women physicians how to create wealth (of the money kind).

Bonnie Koo Photo

But, it never felt like it was enough. I kept thinking, the next thing will be it.

While I was building my business I started working with a life coach.

I learned that changing any external circumstance (more money, the dream house, the dream job, the dream location) won’t make you happy or change who you are.

I learned to have deep appreciation and joy for my life – now, not later. I learned to celebrate every win and every dollar that came in. I also learned to have my own back – no matter what life throws at me.

And perhaps the most shocking truth I learned – beating yourself up does not actually help you. And not beating yourself won’t make you lazy and complacent. In fact, the opposite happens!

Around the same time, I got certified as a life coach, studied with a master feminist mindset coach, then got certified as a master coach (I still like the stamps!) by the best coaching school -- The Life Coach School.

Then it hit me – through my successful money coaching program I was helping women down the same path I started on. They wanted me to give them the answers to become financially free. They believed that more money would solve their problems.

They had the same beliefs that I had. They believed they were behind and constantly trying to change things to feel better.

They believed that they were the only ones like this.

That’s why I decided to create Live Wealthy.


“I dreamed of opening my own private practice, where I could practice medicine in an integrative way that really helped people, but I had no idea how to get that off the ground.

“So when I discovered Bonnie, her message about ‘you should have choices about the way you practice medicine’ really resonated with me. Because of what I learned in the course, I was able to purchase commercial office space, which is something I wouldn’t have known about if not for Bonnie. I’m about a month away now from opening my own practice and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

“Bonnie shifted my mindset about so many things, which is helping me follow my dreams. She’s just so relatable and inspirational, and the course community is full of supportive, like-minded people who all want to achieve similar things. If you have dreams to achieve, you need this course!”

-Val C.

Dr. val C

Live Wealthy includes my flagship money program Money for Women.

My mission to create a generation of confident and powerful women ... who are also millionaires.

Why? Let's just face it. Women are going (and already are) changing the world. We are making a profound difference and impact. Whether that's in your local community, your workplace or changing your family tree (hello generational wealth).

We need more money in the hands of women. We need women who are confident and own who they are in this world.

Here's what you get when you join Live Wealthy.


You'll learn one of the most powerful cognitive tools to help you create wealth in all areas.


We'll go over the major areas  that will make the most impact on your life relationships, time management and letting go of perfectionism. In other words, you're going to love who you are and your life -- throughout all of life's ups and downs.


Get access to the Money for Women Program. All the money stuff you need to know ranging from cash flow, investing in the stock market & real estate, retirement accounts, insurances, estate planning and more. Scroll down to learn more.


Ample opportunities to get coached live to get the support you need. These sessions are recorded if you can’t make it.


24/7 access to a private, members-only community of like minded women to discuss and get support on your journey.


Get written coaching support when you need it. Post your question and a coach will reply.


A workbook and made-for-you templates to support all the learning and action you’ll be taking.


In addition to all of the above, you’ll get access to all of Bonnie's prior workshops and extra bonus lessons with guest teachers and coaches.


You get lifetime access for a one time investment of $2,997*

(or 3 payments of $999)

Yep, you heard me. No ongoing monthly fees, ever.

*Price will increase to $4995 on October 1, 2022.

Enroll now to get started on your money and get coached live.

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Spending & Debt

A big piece of the money stress puzzle is simply not knowing what’s happening with your money (aside from the grief of watching all of it go toward paying your monthly bills!). We don’t like to use the “b” word (budget) at Wealthy Mom MD, so instead we call it your Spending Plan.

No matter what, you need to understand those numbers before you can even begin addressing them. Again, this is where mindset changes can help you. You’ll learn to see all of those numbers as just numbers. This subtle psychological shift will have a huge impact on your spending.

Most of us approach budgeting backwards. Instead of doing a post-mortem on how you spent, you’ll learn how to plan your spending in advance and spend thoughtfully.

Think Beyond Your Income

Is your paycheck your only source of income? If so, you’ve set yourself up to fail! The real secret to wealth is to take that money and put it to work making more money via a strategic investing plan that will create long-term, money-making machines for you.

Asset Protection

Don’t make all of that money only to lose it! You absolutely need to insure yourself against financial catastrophes. This step is so critical and often-overlooked. I’ll show you exactly which insurances you need and how to prioritize them.

Your Legacy

Death is inevitable but also unpredictable. What will happen to your family and loved ones after you die? What impact do you want to have in this world? Do you want to create generational wealth? Planning for your estate is the last piece of financial “adulting” you need to learn before we put it all together.

Your Financial Plan

This is the best part - where you put it all together to create the life you want.

Create wealth in all areas of your life.

Common Questions

Is this for physicians only?

This program is open to anyone who identifies as a high achieving successful woman.

If you are a physician -- great! If you're not a physician -- great! 

Physicians (MD/DO):

We  are thrilled to offer up to 15 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. CLICK HERE for an overview you can submit for CME pre-approval.

This learning experience is powered by CMEfy - a platform that brings relevant CMEs to busy clinicians, at the right place and right time. Using short learning nudges, clinicians can reflect and unlock AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.

How does this work exactly?

You get access to all materials as soon as you enroll. Once you login into the private membership portal, go to “Start Here.” Information on the twice a month live support schedule and details to join the private Facebook community are in the portal. You do the material at your own pace.

When are the live coaching calls?

We announce the day and time of the calls a month ahead (the calls are not at the same day and time every week to accommodate different schedules). The live calls are recorded and accessible easily via a private podcast. You can submit your questions in advance of the calls or post your question in the Facebook group at any time.

Kristina K.

"This course is for every woman, even if you think you have your finances in order. This course invigorates and motivates women to understand that we can have control and it can be easy to understand despite our busy schedules. I am more motivated to take care of every aspect of my wealth. In addition, this is a wonderful resource for networking!!! You will not be disappointed!"

Alana L.

"Since starting in the course, I've invested in an index fund, identified another bond fund I want to invest in for longer term goals, and also identified a passive income real estate investment company I'm interested in working with.  I've contacted a lawyer for estate planning and bought umbrella insurance."

Jessica K.

"This hits the sweet spot of actionable money knowledge combined with training the real tool for making money work for us: our minds.”

Thinking this sounds awesome but worried about how you'll find the time?

You have a lot on your plate. I get it.

AND the best way to get things off your plate is to take care of your yourself. And have the money you want.

Money gives you choices, period. And it frees up a lot time.

You know by now that there’s nothing worth doing that is without effort. Your happiness, joy and financial freedom are worth the effort and is priceless.


“I had been working so hard for so long I was severely burnt out. I felt like I was just living through the days to get to the weekend. I just wanted to find some way to work a little less hard without falling even further behind financially.

“Working with Bonnie was honestly life-changing. Thanks to her course, I’m now credit card debt free! That’s huge for me. My husband teases me about wanting to make sure something is in the budget before we buy it, but it’s working. I’ve also started investing in passive real estate and I’ve opened a Uniform Transfers to Minors account for my son.

“Learning about my financial options, and having a financial road map, has made it easier to navigate the day-to-day of practicing medicine. Bonnie, thank you so much for making this possible for me and my family.”

-Lea R.

Dr. Lea F

Start creating the life you always wanted -- inside and outside.

Lifetime access for $2,997*

*Price will increase to $4995 on October 1, 2022.

Enroll now to get started on your money and get coached live.

The first 10 awesome women to join will also receive 4 private coaching calls!