Dr. Carrie Reynolds and I launched our bi-monthly podcast on June 19th, 2017 where we discuss all things finances. We had over 1,000 downloads in our first week! Carrie started Hippocratic Hustle to showcase female docs who are up to awesome things. You can find her podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcast app. We discuss finance topics in a conversational way where we weave in our own experiences. We hope you enjoy it! We are definitely having fun recording them :). 1. Student Loan Refinancing Our inaugural episode! WE introduce the series and discuss student loans. 2. Retirement Planning Basics Are you saving for retirement? How much do you need to become financially independent? Learn all about the basics of retirement 3. Saving For College 529s aren’t the only way to save for college. 4. How to Choose a Financial Advisor We discuss what an FA is, the different types and how to figure out if an FA will have your best interests in mind. 5. Having Children & Maternity Leave We discuss what’s different for women physicians in regards to family planning and maternity leave. We even dive into what baby stuff you should or shouldn’t buy. Be sure to share this one with all the women physicians and medical students that you work with, especially if they don’t have kids yet!

6. Life Insurance Tips

There’s a lot of confusion as to what life insurance product to buy, how much to buy, and for how long. How much coverage do you need? How long do you need to be covered? 7. New Tax Plan and Podcast Year in Review Carrie & I discuss some highlights of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. 8. WCI Conference Recap and Life Update Hear our recap of White Coat Investor’s inaugural Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference where Bonnie was a speaker! 9. Happy 4th of July! We discuss some life updates and discuss some new life hacks we are trying out. 10. F.I.R.E. We chat about all things F.I. (Financial Independence) and R.E. (Retire Early) and what it means to us and our personal lives. 11. Bonnie Fired Her Financial Advisor and Carrie Hired Her! Carrie and I are both on their journey to FI (Financial Independence) and want to share our path and why we feel it is one of the most important things for women physicians to start as soon as possible. I talk about how I fired my financial advisor and why Carrie ended up hiring her ironically! We discuss how a financial advisor helped us organize our financial lives, make estate plans and guide us on our FI journey. 12. Why are Prenups so Taboo? We discuss the the taboo topic of Prenuptial Agreements. Why are people afraid to talk about them? Should you sign one or not as a physician? What are the financial implications of not getting a prenup? All of these questions are answered today as Carrie and I discuss all things to do with Prenups! 13. An Interview With Jim Dahle, MD: The White Coat Investor Hear how Jim got started with his financial blog and how he has come to be the go-to resource for physicians seeking financial advice and guidance. Listen in as Carrie, Jim, and I discuss all things financial and share so many great tips to set you on the right track to a prosperous financial future. 14. #FINCON18 Review We chat about our recent trip to the Fincon Conference held in Orlando, Florida. Learn all about why we decided to go, who we met there, and what our biggest takeaways were. Don’t miss out as we recommend so many great physician and non-physician financial bloggers and podcasters that you can follow and learn from as well. This episode is packed with resources so check out the show notes for links to everything they discussed. 15. Tax Loss Harvesting and other Timely Financial Stuff We discuss timely financial topics including: the state of the financial market, why you need an Investor Policy Statement and how you can recoup some of your losses using Tax Loss Harvesting. Listen to Carrie and I share some great links to financial resources that can help you as well. 16. End of Year Planning We discuss how you can start to prepare your finances for the end of the year.  Don’t miss out hearing about how to fund all of your tax advantage accounts, using up your FSA Money, the best way to give Charitable Donations  and even great tips to get money back on Holiday Shopping!