201: Take Control of Your Retirement Fund with Parker Pursell of eQRP

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | Take Control of Your Retirement Fund with Parker Pursell of eQRPWe are gearing up for our first annual Money and Wellness Conference for Female Physicians, and I’m showcasing another one of our wonderful sponsors for this event. This week, I’m joined by Parker Pursell, the CEO of eQRP. eQRP provides self-directed 401(k)s, and they’re a company I recommend to all of my clients.

If you’re looking to invest outside of the stock market but you don’t have the capital to get started, this is where eQRP can help you leverage your 401(k), 403(b), or even an IRA so you can invest the way you really want to and set yourself up for retirement.

If you want more control over your 401(k) or your IRA, this episode is for you. eQRP gives you the opportunity to avoid taxes and diversify your portfolio outside of Wall Street, and Parker is explaining how an investment vehicle like this is perfect for physicians who want to prepare for retirement as soon as possible.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How a self-directed 401(k) differs from your regular 401(k).
  • Why physicians need additional streams of income more than ever before.
  • What makes eQRP a great option for high-income earners, business owners, and side hustlers.
  • The extra flexibility in preparing for your retirement using eQRP.
  • Why having control over where your money is invested is vital for building wealth.
  • Some 401(k) mistakes you need to avoid.
  • How eQRP can help save on your tax bill using their investment vehicle.

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