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Women physicians, no matter what your money situation, medical specialty, or marital status—you can create and have financial freedom.

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You've made it Script

You’re a woman in medicine. You chose this profession because you wanted to help people. And you're damn good at it.

But that never meant you agreed to struggle financially.

Yet everyone else thinks you’re rich. How did this happen?

The truth is, money feels hard for a completely different reason.

Your Brain

And specifically a woman’s brain.

We’ve been socialized to believe that money is hard and complicated.  Most of the financial information out there for women tells us to spend less (because we are the “spenders”) and that we just need to save more. 

What if you didn’t have to do any of that? Instead you can do what hundreds of other women physicians have done to start creating wealth for themselves. Not only is it much less’s exponentially more fun.

About me

Hi!  I’m Bonnie.

I’m a master certified life coach, dermatologist and reluctant ex-New Yorker. 

I know what it's like to have "made it" and secretly struggle with money.

I then learned this shocking truth: the way we think about money affects how much money we have and our beliefs about money have been shaped by a society that looks down on money, especially for women.

Through working on my own beliefs and learning the tools to radically change my relationship with money, here’s where I am now: I get to spend my time how I want to. If I want to travel, go shopping in the middle of the day, or just take my son to a doctor’s appointment, I don’t have to ask permission. I can just do it.

And you know what? You—yes you—can have this too.

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The money coaching program for women physicians who want to unlock financial freedom.

Money for Women Physicians marries the magic of life coaching with curated financial strategies.

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