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Empowering Women Physicians

No matter where you’re at right now—medical student, resident, new attending or seasoned attending—it is NOT too late to learn how to manage your money.

If I could go from being in $20,000 in credit card debt (accumulated during residency) and owing more than $200,000 in student loan debt (and almost $50,000 in interest alone!) to becoming debt free and creating a medical career on my terms, then SO CAN YOU.

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I’m Bonnie, a board-certified dermatologist and reluctant ex-New Yorker.

I started this website (formerly known as Miss Bonnie MD) when I realized there is an enormous gap in knowledge and resources not only on how women physicians should manage money, but also how they should tackle the rising cost of childcare, divorce, elder care, and other unique concerns for us breadwinning women. [ Read my story ]

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