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The first book I read on finances. This book is specifically geared towards doctors but will apply to anyone interested in learning about finances. A must read and great introduction to the topic. Loved this book. Really explains the debt disease that doctors have and how to get out it. Every high earning female professional needs to read this, especially those that are also the primary breadwinner. Farnoosh also has a great podcast. This is a “mindset” book about how millionaires think. This is a handbook that explains investing products. A great introduction on the topic of retirement planning. Love this book. It’s a big thick book, but really explains the nitty gritty about saving for retirement. loved this book. Some may find it preachy, but Sheryl eloquently tackles a topic that is often charged and mislabeled. I had the pleasure of seeing Betsy Myers give a lecture at my health system. Her pearls on what makes a leader effective are timely. *Please note that I do get a small commission for you purchasing these books via these links.]]>

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