An exclusive, intimate experience for successful women who want to enjoy the life they worked so hard for … and be rich.

October 10-13, 2022

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3 day luxurious retreat.

In Hawai’i.

At the Four Seasons.

In your own ocean view* room.

What better place to start than in paradise at the Four Seasons Oahu.

(Go ahead, check out it out

We will spend 3 days together on October 10-13.

You just need to get yourself to the resort and we will take care of the rest:

  • 3 nights at the Four Seasons Oahu inclusive of resort fees and taxes. *Rooms are partial ocean view.
  • All meals
  • Morning sessions of teaching and coaching where we plan your wealthy life -- leaving you the rest of the day to relax, rest and enjoy.
  • Optional short evening sessions

You will have full access to the resort with 3 pools, a spa & wellness center, and tennis courts.

Relax at the peaceful lagoon or at the adults only infinity pool. Snorkel or paddle board or spa – or all of the above.

FS Building Far

I didn’t always live wealthy.

Like you, I collected all the “stamps” of external achievement: a college degree at Barnard, a career at Morgan Stanley where I was making 6 figures before I turned 23. Followed by a medical degree at Columbia and dermatology residency.

I created a family. I took a 6 month sabbatical where I traveled to places like Bora Bora and lived in Hawai’i for a few months. I created a $1 million dollar business teaching women physicians how to create wealth (of the money kind).

Bonnie Koo Photo

But, I never felt like it was enough. I kept thinking, the next thing will be it.

While I was building my business I started working with a life coach.

I learned that changing any external circumstance (more money, the dream house, the dream job, the dream location) won’t make you happy or change who you are.

I learned to have deep appreciation and joy for my life – now, not later. I learned to celebrate every win and every dollar that came in. I also learned to have my own back – no matter what life throws at me.

And perhaps the most shocking truth I learned – beating yourself up does not actually help you. And not beating yourself won’t make you lazy and complacent. In fact, the opposite happens!

Around the same time, I got certified as a life coach, studied with a master feminist mindset coach, then got certified as a master coach (I still like the stamps!) by the best coaching school -- The Life Coach School.

Then it hit me – through my successful money coaching program I was helping women down the same path I started on. They wanted me to give them the answers to become financially free. They believed that more money would solve their problems.

They had the same beliefs that I had. They believed they were behind and constantly trying to change things to feel better.

They believed that they were the only ones like this.

That’s why I created the Live Wealthy Retreat

A luxurious retreat for successful women, like you, who want to live wealthy.

FS Spa Pool

Get early access to future retreats!