32: The Abundance of Frugality with Dr. Disha Spath

The Abundance of Frugality with Dr. Disha SpathMy guest this week is Dr. Disha Spath. You may know her as the Frugal Physician. This begs the question, what are Wealthy Mom MD and the Frugal Physician doing on the same show? Well, you’re about to discover what might be some surprising common ground.

A lot of people tend to conjure an austere, deprived image of what their life would look like if they were more frugal. But Disha is here to discuss how frugality and wealth can actually go hand in hand, enjoying life while reaching your financial goals quicker.

Dr Disha Spath is a primary care physician based in New York State who managed to pay off multiple six-figure student loans in just a year and a half. Just like me, she loves educating women physicians on money and how to live their best life. And she does this through selective frugality and common-sense investing.

Tune in this week as Disha shares with us what being frugal means to her, and why there is so much more abundance in frugality than you might think. Disha is sharing how to be frugal and live a wealthy life without depriving yourself, and her top hacks for forming healthy habits around spending and saving.

NOTE: This episode was recorded before the Figs marketing fiasco. Wealthy Mom MD and The Frugal Physician are not in agreement with the recent marketing strategy and can no longer recommend them in good faith.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What being frugal means to Disha.
  • The misinterpretations out there as to what frugality is.
  • Why frugality and wealth can go hand in hand.
  • Where being frugal differs from being stingy or cheap.
  • The importance of focusing on your spending as well as your income and investments.
  • How you can be frugal and wealthy without feeling deprived or compromising on quality of life.
  • Disha’s top hacks that will help you develop better habits around money and take the mental energy out of saving.

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