152: The Truth About Why We Believe We Are “Bad” with Money 2.0

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | The Truth About Why We Believe We Are “Bad” with Money 2.0Last week, I kicked off Women’s History Month by sharing a reprise of an episode I did about the history of women and money in the United States. To continue on with this theme, I’m bringing you an episode that is all about our social history, specifically the socialization of women and money.

It’s no accident that so many women believe they’re not good with money. If you’ve ever had thoughts that you need to control your spending or that you should be more responsible with money, I’m showing you where these narratives have come from and how we can begin to change them.

Tune in this week to discover some of the important biases around money that you might not be aware you’re holding. I’m showing you how societal messaging impacts how we think about money, as well as our ability to create more of it, and I’m sharing the first steps in rewriting this history of women and money.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The societal messaging we have all received that explains why women think the way we do about money.
  • Some direct comparisons between how boys and girls are taught about money as children.
  • How it’s often our parents and popular culture teaching us these societal norms and financial gender roles from childhood.
  • Why most of us don’t even realize what we’ve been taught about money.
  • How this societal messaging around money gets even worse for physician moms.
  • Why rewriting this history can only be done once every single one of us is aware of and understands the societal norms that have brought us to this place.

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