50: The Truth About Why We Believe We’re “Bad” with Money

The Truth About Why We Believe We’re “Bad” with MoneyLast week, I kicked off Women’s History Month by giving you an overview of the history of women and money, with highlights from ancient history into modern US history. And to continue on this theme, today’s episode is all about our social history, specifically the socialization of women and money.

It’s no accident that so many women believe they’re not good with money. There are countless societal, ideological, and political norms that have fed us messages that have us thinking we need to control our spending and that we can always be more responsible when it comes to money than we currently are. But it’s time to bring awareness to these narratives because that’s the only way we can change them.

Tune in this week for an overview of the historical societal norms that have shaped our beliefs as women about our ability to be “good” with money. I’m sharing how this messaging comes at us from all angles throughout our lives, and why it doesn’t get any simpler when we start working hard and earning more.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The historical societal norms that explain why women, myself included, think the way we do about money.
  • How we are taught about these societal norms and financial gender roles from childhood, often by our parents and popular culture.
  • Why the way these societal norms affect us is so insidious that a lot of people don’t even realize that’s what’s going on.
  • The extra messed up messaging we receive as women physicians and moms.
  • Why rewriting this history can only be done once every single woman is aware of and understands the social ideals that have got us here.

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