Chief Mom Officer Interviews Miss Bonnie MD and more

aunched a blog series where I interview other women physicians about their finances. This week, Chief Mom Officer interviews me as part of her “Six Figure Breadwinning Moms” series:

What’s the top three pieces of advice you’d have for someone just starting out in the workforce, struggling with their career, or just looking to improve how they handle their money?

  1. Live within your means. When your income increases, don’t increase your lifestyle in proportion. You lived on lesser income before, you can still do it.
  2. Learn the basics of personal finance and read at least one financial book a year. No one will care more about your money than you.
  3. The more money you have saved and invested wisely, the more choices you will have in life now and later.

Read the full interview here.

I also want to let you all know that Dr. Carrie Reynolds and I launched our bi-monthly podcast where we discuss all things finances. Dr. Carrie Reynolds @ Hippocratic Hustle (where she interviews female docs who are up to awesome things). You can find her podcast on iTunes. Our inaugural episode is here or search for “Hippocratic Hustle” on iTunes or you favorite podcast app. We discuss finance topics in a conversational way where we weave in our own experiences. We hope you enjoy it! We definitely are having recording them :).]]>

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