November 2017 CME

Welcome to the November 2017 edition of the Monthly CME.  I’ve put together a short list of articles, podcasts, and books for your reading pleasure. Topics will range from personal finance to life-work balance and more. Enjoy! A great intro article for those new to saving and investing –  How to Start Investing: A Complete Guide for Beginners. I’ve been meaning to write a clear post on estate planning, but found the material a bit yawn producing. Thankfully, Mrs. Bita wrote a great post in it for Physician on Fire recently. Remember that estate planning is state specific. Be sure to check if documents need to be redone if you move states. Thankfully, we just need to update the POA with our move. I recently wrote about my complicated postpartum course. I am grateful that I had my insurances in place. Postpartum hemorrhage (and my gestational diabetes) would’ve dinged me at least two health classes.  And, the worse could’ve happened. Carrie and I discuss life insurance at the Hippocratic Hustle. I recently wrote about blended family finances. Being a stepmother (I like the term bonus mom better) is challenging and being a mom to Eggy with a bonus son has brought up feelings that I did not expect. I am finally reading this book that was recommended to me.   ]]>

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  1. Physician on FIRE on November 20, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Thank you for the mention, Miss Bonnie. Mrs. BITA wrote a great piece on estate planning, and there were some valuable comments below. I don’t think everyone needs a revocable trust, but it’s important to have a basic estate plan and be sure to have beneficiaries named and updated.

    I hope all is going well after the big move.


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