36: The Secret to Having Better Relationships

The Secret to Having Better RelationshipsSomething I’ve been exploring more deeply as of late is the topic of relationships. I know this podcast is mainly aimed at discussing wealth and financial education, but I’d argue that having truly high-quality, meaningful relationships is a core element of living a rich life.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably heard the term, “It takes two to tango,” in the context of relationships, and you likely believe that it takes two people to create a relationship, or that having a great one entails give and take from each person. But what if this wasn’t true? There is one secret that I believe so many people are missing out on that will help you have better relationships, and I’m sharing what that is today.

Listen in this week as I share my definition of what a relationship is and why seeing it in this new way has the potential to guarantee amazing relationships with everyone in your life. I’m inviting you to try one exercise that will guide you in questioning your narratives about the people in your life you may not be fond of at the moment, and I know this is going to be so helpful as we go into the holiday season.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How having high-quality relationships contributes to living a rich life.
  • Why relationships tie in with the topic of money.
  • What a relationship actually is.
  • Why everyone can have different relationships with one person.
  • The secret to having better relationships.
  • One exercise that will help you change your relationship with anyone.

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