I LOVE Conferences

I love attending conferences! And not just CME conferences for dermatology (love those too.) They foster personal development and growth and I get to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

Earlier this year I attended two conferences:

Maui Derm – January 26-30, 2019

Grand Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

If I’m going to get some CME I may as well do it in Hawaii! This was a great excuse to get some old derm girlfriends together without our spouses and kids! I’ve now officially attended all three Hawaii Dermatology conferences (the others are Winter Clinical and Hawaii Derm).

Of course, any CME trip is tax-deductible or eligible for reimbursement from your employer (if they do that). I like combining these trips with vacation to minimize my vacation spending. After Maui, I went to Honolulu for a few days to see some friends. I used Chase Sapphire Reserve points for my flights to Hawaii. And most of the rest of the trip (besides Honolulu) is a business expense.

Snorkeling in Hawaii after the Maui Derm conference!

Impact Summit by Kajabi – April 5-7, 2019

Irvine, California

Impact Summit is a conference for online entrepreneurs. This was the inaugural conference by Kajabi and to say it was FUN is an understatement. I think sometimes as physicians, we forget what else, and who else is out there – we are often in a bubble of other physicians. Here I met a few hundred online entrepreneurs and got to see some of the top online entrepreneurs speak such as Amy Porterfield, Rachel Hollis, Jasmine Star, James Wedmore and Brendon Bouchard.

In case you’re not familiar, Kajabi is an “all-in-one” online platform where you can host and create your website, email list, run your online course, membership sites and more. What I love about Kajabi is that they continually update and improve their product and provide excellent customer support. I use Kajabi for my opt-ins, sales pages, online course, future membership site and email list.

And here are the conferences I will be attending or speaking at through Spring 2020. I love meeting new people, so let me know if you’ll be there too!

FinCon – September 4-7, 2019

Washington, D.C.

FinCon is a conference for financial bloggers, financial advisors and industry to connect and exchange ideas. There’s been a growing group of physician finance bloggers and we tend to meet at FinCon. Although there are numerous sessions on how to improve your outreach as a blogger, most of us attend to network and meet others in the industry. Like I said earlier, I love meeting people and it’s pretty awesome to meet others who love the topic of money as much as I do!

Like last year there will be a dinner for physician finance bloggers, so get in touch if you’d like to attend!

Brave Enough Conference – September 12-15, 2019

Scottsdale, Arizona 

BE19 is the third annual conference by woman physician Sasha Shilcutt, MD. Many women physicians find themselves isolated, especially after they become mothers. It’s all too easy to lose connection let alone make time for ourselves. BE is all about reconnecting with ourselves and empowering women physicians.

Here, you can show up whoever and however, you are. Come and meet your fellow women physicians from all specialties! I am thrilled to be a speaker at BE19 where I will discuss “The Keys to Wealth.”

The Entrepreneur Experience – October 17-19, 2019

Coronado, San Diego, California

Have I mentioned how much I love Amy Porterfield? She’s an online entrepreneur who teaches other online entrepreneurs how to create and sell their online courses. I’ve learned a lot from her and she was a huge part in helping me launch my first online course earlier this year. 

She hosts an annual conference for her course takers and I can’t wait to hopefully meet her and get inspired by meeting other online entrepreneurs. Matt will be attending with me.

Passive Income MD Real Estate Conference – October 26, 2019

Los Angeles, California

You heard it here first! Get ready for the first real estate conference geared towards physicians with Peter Kim, MD aka Passive Income MD. I’m excited to learn more about real estate from Dr. Kim and the duo behind SemiRetiredMD.com.

Empowering Women Physicians Retreat – December 2-7, 2019

How about some CME, life coaching AND amazing bucket list destination? Yup, a CME retreat for women physicians in Bora Bora!

Four Seasons, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Dr. Sunny Smith is a life coach and physician who coaches women physicians. She’s also my coach. I’ve had my best year yet so far and a large part is due to having her as my coach. For those of you that are not familiar with what a life coach does – in short – their job is to help you get yourself out of the way so that you can get the results you want. They help you become the best version of yourself!

Women Physicians Wellness Conference – February 25-27, 2020

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Dr. Erica Howe created this conference out of a love for helping and educating women physicians and the Cayman Islands. I’m honored to be a speaker at her conference along with some amazing women physician leaders of our time… in Grand Cayman. Not too shabby! We plan to take the whole family with us to this one!

I can get used to these beach destinations that also offer CME!

Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference – March 12-14, 2020

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Aka WCICON20 this is the second White Coat Investor conference. The first one in 2018 sold out very quickly and was in Park City, Utah during ski season. In order to accommodate a larger group, the conference is now in Las Vegas! I’ll admit Vegas is not my favorite conference destination.

Like the first one there will be a wide range of speakers and panels including one for Women Physicians that I will be moderating. I’ll be hosting a reception for women attendees as well. Date and location TBD.

Registration opened earlier this week so be sure to register if you want to attend!

Will you be attending any amazing conferences this coming year? Drop me a line!

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