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Welcome to the first edition of the Monthly CME.  I’ve put together a short list of articles, podcasts, and books for your reading pleasure. Topics will range from personal finance to life-work balance and more. Enjoy! A reminder that Dr. Carrie Reynolds and I launched our first podcast Friends Talk Finance as part of a recurring series on the Hippocratic Hustle Podcast. We had over 1000 downloads in the first week! We are having a blast recording them. If you loved it, please write us a review on iTunes :).


Dr. Nisha Mehta writes about physician wellness and shares her 8 tips from my non-medicine friends that make me a happier doctor. Are you relatively new to personal finance? Don’t know where to start? I like Dr. Dahle’s aka The White Coat Investor‘s article The Bare Minimum. I don’t consider myself a true minimalist, but I am of the “more stuff does not make me happy camp.” Joshua Becker @ Becoming Minimalist discusses how the choices we make about money affects us.


If you are a female physician then you’re probably familiar with Physician Mom’s Group or PMG. I recently listened to Dr. Nii Darko’s podcast interview with PMG Founder Dr. Hala Sabry. I loved listening to her candidness about how she manages to be a full-time doctor, mom, and head of PMG. A shout out to my neighbor financial blogger Joshua Holt @ Big Law Investor was recently interviewed (episode 36 on 5/29/17) on the Happy Lawyer Project podcast. I agree with Dr. Jim Dahle that Social Security (episode 19 on 6/26/17) will still be around when it’s our turn to collect.


M & I just signed our wills last week! I introduced the topic of estate planning recently and found this book indispensable. Like most pregnant women, I’ve started nesting – more like decluttering like mad. I read (well more like listened to on Audible, see link below for an intro offer) this book recently in preparation. ]]>

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