40: Making Decisions

Making DecisionsI want to talk about a topic this week that is not only vital when it comes to building wealth, but is generally one of the most important life skills: making decisions. So, listen in closely because you might be needlessly delaying a decision without even realizing it.

The ability to make decisions moves us forward in so many ways. It frees up mental space and allows us to progress to the next stage. However, I see so many people telling themselves they need to research before making a choice, or they set a timeframe for when they will make a decision on something. And this is what is keeping so many of my clients stuck when they first come to me.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover how to make the best decision every time, whether big or small, and how to follow through and honor those decisions with real conviction. I’m sharing where indecision keeps us stuck, and how you can spot where you’re holding yourself back due to fear of making a “bad” decision.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How detrimental it can be if you choose to be someone who does not make decisions.
  • Why you will never know whether you’re making the right decision for you until you actually make it.
  • One question to ask yourself if you’re struggling with making any decision.
  • How to become better at honoring the decisions you make.

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