93: Money & Shame

The Wealthy Mom MD Podcast with Dr. Bonnie Koo | Money and Shame One of the biggest barriers that stands in the way of us making money, enjoying money, and ultimately having as much of it as possible is shame. So many women experience shame in various areas of their lives, so it’s time to talk about it so we can begin to change this story.

Shame brings up a lot of negative emotions, and negative emotion can never be a driver of positive change. When we feel shame or any negativity, it’s because we think there’s something wrong with us, and we generally try to make ourselves feel better as quickly as possible. We try to focus on something else instead, like Netflix. But what if there’s actually nothing wrong with you?

Tune in this week to discover the key to creating positive changes in your life. I’m sharing where our shame comes from so you can see how to stop beating yourself up and indulging in shameful thinking and self-judgment, especially around money.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why women are particularly prone to shame, especially around money.
  • How not talking about money only perpetuates the shame so many women experience.
  • Why you can never make a positive change from a place of negative emotion.
  • Where your focus should be if you want to create lasting change.

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