October 2017 CME

Welcome to the October 2017 edition of the Monthly CME.  I’ve put together a short list of articles, podcasts, and books for your reading pleasure. Topics will range from personal finance to life-work balance and more. Enjoy!


I am due this month (and when this post goes live, baby boy may be out!). I read this touching article by a physician mom who had her first twin babies at age 44. I know very little about long term care insurance but it’s a topic that comes up a lot – whether one should buy it or not. Mike Piper did a great job explaining things. If you’re part a dual high income couple, consider yourself lucky! You’ll have more flexibility to get out of debt (if you have any) and a bigger shovel to throw at retirement savings. Unfortunately, most dual high income couples grow into the dual income too quickly.

Podcasts & Audiobooks:

My awesome FA was recently interviewed by Michael Kitces. I’m flattered that I’m considered a Center of Influence. Speaking of Financial Advisors, Carrie and I discussed how to choose one @ The Hippocratic Hustle.


Sometimes finances can seem all about the numbers. A friend recently recommended this book to me that helps you discover a life that will continue vs. a life to retire to. Sounds similar to exercise M & I did with our FA where we had to really think about our goals and if they would be different if we had less time left.     Benjamin Graham taught Warren Buffet how to invest. This is a classic book! ]]>

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