34: Real Estate and Relationships with Dr. Kate Mangona

Real Estate and Relationships with Dr. Kate MangonaMy guest this week is Dr. Kate Mangona, and there are two very good reasons why I have her on the show this week. One is that Kate and her husband Victor are real estate investors and have an incredibly interesting story about how they started and how their investing style has evolved. The other reason is that she is a relationship coach, and we’re both very passionate about the belief that we have to invest in our marriages for so many reasons.

Dr. Kate Mangona is a practicing board-certified pediatric radiologist, mother of two. With her husband Victor, she is an active and passive real estate investor with a portfolio worth over $5 million and will reach financial freedom at just five years out of training. Kate is also a relationship coach who helps physicians find peace and joy in their marriages and live a purposeful, meaningful life, and I’m so excited for you to hear our wide-ranging conversation.

Tune in this week as Kate and I discuss her work as a relationship coach for physicians, and why your marriage is worth any investment to protect. We’re also diving into Kate and her husband Victor’s real estate investing journey, which in just five years, although it sounds a little hectic, has really moved them along in terms of their financial goals.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why divorce is the number one financial risk for female physicians.
  • How to invest in your relationship in order to make it last.
  • The story of how and why Kate decided to become a coach.
  • How Kate and her husband first got started in real estate.
  • What you can do for yourself to change your own experience of your relationship.
  • The sacrifices that Kate and her family have made in order to set themselves up financially for the future.
  • How Kate and her husband took their real estate investing down a more passive route.
  • Kate’s top tips to improve your relationship with your spouse.

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