80: How Do You Think About Your Spending?

The Wealthy Mom MD Podcast with Dr. Bonnie Koo | How Do You Think About Your Spending?We are heading into the holidays, which is always an expensive time of year. So, over the next few episodes, I’m talking about the overall topic of spending in ways that you probably haven’t heard or considered before.

There are so many common thoughts I’ve observe in my clients around spending and budgeting. And I know, nobody gets excited about budgeting. But the way I choose to think about spending money is something that’s really helped me in my wealth-building journey, and it’s not all about denying yourself the things you want.

Tune in this week for an introduction to the topic of spending. I’m sharing the things that get in the way of so many people even looking at their spending habits, let alone making any changes, and how you can get over those fears. Learn how to really start thinking about your money in a way that will serve you in the long term.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The ways I see people thinking about spending money that are preventing them from building wealth.
  • How perfectionistic thinking stops so many people from focusing on their spending.
  • What I still “overspend” on from time to time, and why that’s okay.
  • The chemical reaction that leads to a purchase feeling more satisfying than saving your money.
  • Where you have the opportunity to clean up your thoughts around spending money.

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