165: Surround Yourself with Success featuring the Power Group

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | Surround Yourself with Success featuring the Power GroupWho you surround yourself with is immensely important. Aligning with folks with similar goals and values encourages learning and growth. Proximity is power, and when we gather with like-minded individuals we are fueled to move forward in our lives and businesses with confidence.

This week we assembled a discussion with the Power Group: Peter Kim, MD, Sunny Smith, MD, Kenji Asakura, MD, Letizia Alto, MD, and myself. We are all entrepreneurs who encourage MDs to find financial freedom.

Join our round table as we speak about cross-pollination, how we all came to meet, and how we inspire each other regularly to take action. Learn about the essential elements of a peer mastermind, the importance of sharing information, and some methods for self-discovery. By supporting each other we grow in all directions. Tune in and start connecting today.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why mindset work is central to financial freedom.
  • How to leverage experiences and personal investments.
  • How to get the most out of peer masterminds.
  • Some methods to meet your peers.

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