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You’re a woman in medicine. 

You chose this profession because you wanted to help people. 

But that never meant you agreed to be uncompensated.

And yet, that’s exactly what you’re expected to do: take care of people, but never take care of yourself or your financial needs. 

You’ve probably been guilted and shamed about money—especially for wanting more of it. For wanting to have money, grow it, and spend it. You’re supposed to help people, not help yourself to their money. 

On the flip side, struggling with money is also forbidden. As a physician, people think you have a plum job with a cherry salary. Your peers drive Porsches and vacation in Vanuatu. You daren’t admit to the tens of thousands of credit card debt, or hundreds of thousands of dollars of lingering student loans. There must be something wrong with you.

I promise you: there is nothing wrong with you. Of course you feel trapped.

The system was rigged against you before you ever joined it.

Male primary care physicians earn 25% more than their female colleagues.

Male specialists make 33% more than female specialists.

However, there’s a way to beat that system. Andthe reward for it is wealth and joy—for you and your family. And you won’t have to live like the proverbial pauper to get there.

Make no mistake—wealth is available to you. I’ll show you how to make it yours.

About me

Hi, I’m Bonnie.

I’m a master certified life coach, board-certified dermatologist and a reluctant ex-New Yorker. 

As a coach, I’ve helped thousands of women physicians learn how to manage and grow their money. My personal mission is to inspire you to reimagine what’s actually possible for you, so you can be free to create a life that’s gorgeous and yours alone.

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