12: What's Your Story?

When it comes to upleveling your life and unlocking financial freedom, many of us overlook the thought work that is involved. Sure, we talk about hard work--whether it is learning new information or performing physical tasks. Rarely, though, do we stop to consider the work that needs to happen within our own minds. Using this simple coaching tool, you can banish money beliefs that have been holding your back and experience the world in a new way. 

It seems simple, yet this tool actually allows you to retrain your brain. Our default programming is to almost instantly collapse what happens with our interpretation of that event. They are two entirely separate things, yet our brains interpret it as a single thing. Suffering happens within the stories we tell ourselves; yet our minds view it as a truth, a reality, a “what happened.” That’s why it is so powerful to learn to un-collapse the “what happened” from the story. 

The challenge, of course, is that our brains love to be efficient. Running this same pre-programmed information through your mind on repeat is a simple task for your brain. At this point in your life, it’s automatic. Teaching your brain how to take in new information is difficult, especially given how our brains are hardwired. But the payoff is profound. 

By learning how to separate out what happened and the story you create, you can actually experience new thoughts, new feelings, and new actions. That leads to new and more favorable results. This can reshape your experience with money because so often, we think that we’ve had bad experiences with money in the past. The truth is that what happened in the past is long gone. The only thing that remains is the story we continue to tell ourselves about the past. Learn to reframe that and see how your thoughts and actions around money change for the better. 

In this episode, we also explore:

  • My personal experience collapsing what happened and the story I used to tell myself about real estate 
  • How the primitive brain once served us but is not suited for modern times  
  • Why it is so freeing to teach yourself to separate what happened from the stories you tell yourself

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