20: Entrepreneurship with Dr. Yashika Dooley

In an earlier episode, we explored the various traits that set physicians up for success as an entrepreneur. To get a better understanding of what physician entrepreneurship might look like, I sat down with Dr. Yashika Dooley, an active duty Air Force Officer and urogynecologist, to learn more about how she balances life as an entrepreneur while practicing medicine full time. Plus, she shares how she plans to use this combination of work to retire early and transform her day-to-day life.

As physicians, we are in a prime position to identify problems and pose solutions. Oftentimes, that means we have already developed a business plan, whether we know it or not. For Dr. Dooley, she saw a need for more community, and created two side gigs--coaching and conferences--that allow her to create space for physicians to cultivate relationships and grow and support one another. 

While she started her side gig as a passion more than a business, she soon realized that she was ready to tackle entrepreneurship head on. For her first conference, she set a goal to break even financially and then went from there. She acknowledges that as physicians, we tend to look for roadmaps in our work. We expect there to be one correct way to do things. However, her experience as an entrepreneur reinforces the idea that we need to be flexible and keep pushing forward. 

After more than two decades in the military, she intends to retire in the next two years. This will allow her to scale back to her medical practice and focus more on her side gigs. Most importantly, though, she will be able to devote even more time to her two young daughters. By balancing medical work and entrepreneurship now, she is creating a life with more flexibility and freedom. 

In this episode, we also explore:

  • The value of community and how entrepreneurship can foster more of it
  • Some of the challenges that women physicians of color face
  • Real life examples of how a shift in mindset can transform your experience at work
  • The dos and don’ts of conference and event planning
  • How to transition from a live event to a virtual event without sacrificing engagement
  • A case study of how Dr. Dooley negotiated to maximize value for her conference attendees 

Featured on this episode:

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