21: Annihilate‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Limiting‌ ‌Beliefs

When you uplevel your life and your finances, you are going to encounter roadblocks along the way. What you might not realize is that some of these obstacles are self imposed. They stem from our limiting beliefs.

What is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a belief that holds you back. It feels like a truth, but really, it is simply a thought. On your journey to wealth and financial freedom, it is important to closely examine your limiting beliefs surrounding money. A limiting money belief is a belief that you have around money that holds you back from having more money or prevents you from creating more money. 

Before we can explore how to undo limiting money beliefs, it is necessary to examine where they come from. Most of the time, we treat beliefs as if they are truths. They feel like facts. However, every belief started as a thought. We had that thought once and then we told ourselves that same thought so many times, it evolved into a belief. Our thoughts and beliefs guide our actions which influence our outcomes. That is why it is so difficult to notice a belief. When all of the results surrounding the belief have been caused by that belief, no wonder our brains interpret that belief as the truth. 

Oftentimes, our limiting money beliefs are rooted in our childhood. That means that we have spent decades telling ourselves these supposed truths. The fact that society often echoes other limiting money beliefs makes annihilating limiting beliefs all the more challenging. 

The first part of overcoming your limiting beliefs is acknowledging their existence. Developing this awareness can help you examine your current beliefs and form new ones. Once you identify a belief, it is important to question it. Ask yourself if it is the truth and how you know it is true. Explore what else might be possible, even if they are things you’ve never allowed yourself to consider.

As you navigate your limiting money beliefs, it will be essential that you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Our family and friends can over reinforce our limiting beliefs by commiserating with us. That is why looking for support through Facebook groups, coaching, and other like-minded individuals is key as you undo these limiting money beliefs.  

In this episode, we also explore:

  • The role that our primitive brain plays in trying to hold onto limiting beliefs and how to override that 
  • Common limiting money beliefs specific to physicians and how we can overcome them
  • Examples of limiting money beliefs I developed in my childhood and how I overcame them
  • A deeper dive into some of society’s commonly held limiting money beliefs and their origins
  • The value of coaching and other support systems when creating new money beliefs 

Featured on this episode:

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