A Random Wednesday

Most of the time I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Juggling being a dermatologist 4 days a week, mom to a toddler, fiancé and running this website (& podcasting !) can be challenging to say the least.

Wednesdays are my “day off” from seeing patients. I initially took Fridays off to have a 3 day weekend. But I found that with a new baby, traveling on the weekends stopped happening. I also found that many businesses and appointments I needed to do were difficult to schedule on Fridays either due to them closing early or being closed or Friday being so popular I could never get in. I also found that my patients wanted Friday appointments. I guess not too many dermatologists are open on Fridays.

So how do I spend my non-clinical week day? Here is how I spent it a few weeks ago.

6:30am Alarm goes off.  I snooze too many times (Every Wednesday, my plan was to get up around 6am and do some writing for my blog before Jack wakes up. It has yet to happen.)

I finally get up around 7:30am. I make coffee.

I sit in front of my powerbook to see what I could work on writing wise by checking into Asana. I recently started using Asana to organize my whole life. Got this awesome tip from Travis of Student Loan Planner and Ryan Inman of Physician Wealth Services while I was at FinCon recently.

Jack starts cooing and babbling. He greets me standing in his crib. I change his diaper and bring him to dad who is still snoozing. They share some morning snuggles.

I make breakfast for Jack – 1 egg omelet with cheese, slices of oatmeal cake (from the Baby Lead Weaning Cookbook), sliced grapes and a cup of whole milk.

I skip breakfast as I do intermittent fasting most days.

8:45am I drop off Jack to daycare. His daycare is across the street – priceless.

I walk back home and half write a blog post, respond to some emails and comment on Facebook posts.

11:30am I head out to have lunch with Camilo of the Finance Twins. We met at FinCon and turns out we are both in Philadelphia. We chat about how we started our blogs and exchange ideas and tips for our budding businesses.

I uber back to my neighborhood for a 2:30pm dentist appointment. I get gently scolded for not flossing the back teeth. He suggests I use a waterpik.

I uber from the dentist to happy hour at Double Knot with a friend. In case you live in Philadelphia – this is the best happy hour deal in town.

I’m home by 6:30pm. Jack is eating dinner. Neither of us feel like cooking so it’s pizza night.

7:15pm Jack gets a bath. Then playtime with mom and dad. Bedtime for Jack is at 8pm.

Mom and dad time. I think I do some more work for the website but likely am just wasting time on Facebook.

Bedtime for me is around 10pm since I get up around 5:30am the next day and start seeing patients at 7am.

Hope you enjoyed this peak into a random day!]]>

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