149: Belief, Choices and Money with Sunny Smith MD (Part 2)

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | Belief, Choices and Money with Sunny Smith MD (Part 2)Welcome back for part two of my conversation with my first coach and now good friend Sunny Smith. In this part, we get to the good stuff about how I found coaching when I needed it most, how I was severely limiting myself because of my thoughts about money, and how coaching changed everything about my future.

If you’re stuck in some unhelpful limiting beliefs around what you can and can’t do because of money, this episode is for you. We always have a choice, and it starts with questioning yourself and then being willing to take that first courageous step toward the life you truly want.

Tune in this week to discover the reality of going from a physician to an entrepreneur. We’re discussing our own journeys through this transition, why other people aren’t going to like it when you start down this path, but nevertheless it’s your ticket to financial freedom.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why there will always be things you just believe you can’t do.
  • How I knew paying for coaching from Sunny was the best move I could possibly make.
  • The specific thoughts and circumstances I was struggling with when I originally found coaching and became a coach.
  • Why, as physicians, we struggle to see the other ways we can make big money.
  • How to see other people’s limitations in the advice they give you, and not buy into those limitations.
  • Why people will start to resent you when you start to replace your physician income as an entrepreneur.
  • Our experience of working on our mental health and how we maintain it.
  • How to take care of and invest your greatest asset: your mind.

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