150: How to Use Style to Create Your Luxe Life with Judith Gaton

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | How to Use Style to Create Your Luxe Life with Judith GatonIs shopping for clothes something you absolutely dread doing? Is your style something you give much time and attention to? Do you ever wonder why you should even care or be interested in your personal style? 

If any of these questions resonate with you, you are going to love today’s episode. Master Certified life and style coach Judith Gaton is on the show, and she’s here to demystify what style means and why you should care about your personal style. Judith completely transformed my mindset around my style when I hired her, and I know she’s going to blow your mind too. 

Listen in this week to hear why style matters, especially if you are in the process of creating wealth and up-leveling your life. Judith is sharing her top tips and insights on creating a luxe life and feeling like a million dollars, why style is a beautiful conduit to your heart and mind, and how it gives you early access to your future vision of yourself.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The misconceptions many people have about style and having a personal stylist. 
  • 4 types of people who are resistant to hiring a personal stylist. 
  • Judith’s insights on my outfit formula. 
  • Why style matters. 
  • The difference between style and fashion. 
  • How many women tend to tolerate bodily discomfort in the clothes they wear. 
  • Judith’s tips on all things undergarments. 
  • How style goes hand-in-hand with wealth creation. 

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