148: Belief, Choices and Money with Sunny Smith MD (Part 1)

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | Belief, Choices and Money with Sunny Smith MD (Part 1)Today’s episode is part one of a conversation with my very first life coach, Sunny Smith MD. I worked with her one-on-one for a whole year in 2018, so she’s here to give all of you the coach’s perspective on my personal development journey, where I was when we started working together, and how that’s progressed.

Sunny is the Founder and CEO of Empowering Women Physicians, a multi-million-dollar coaching business that places her among the top female entrepreneurs in the United States. She advocates for physician wellness through her comprehensive and collaborative coaching program, which seeks to change the culture of medicine through normalizing and humanizing the experience of being a physician.

Tune in this week to discover everything Sunny has taught me about holding belief for others, making serious money, and what’s possible when you truly believe in yourself. We’re moving from topic to topic, discussing how to share your value with the world, the power of just making a decision, and a lot more.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you always have agency to choose your life, but most of us don’t exercise it.
  • How Sunny serves as an amazing example that you always have the ability to create money in any situation.
  • Why my number-one job as a coach is to hold belief for my clients.
  • How Sunny started out in coaching by saying YES.
  • Why it doesn’t matter what choice you make as long as you decide.
  • How to see the value you have to share with the world.
  • The multifaceted layers of thought entrepreneurs often struggle with around money.
  • Why, as a physician, you can make money any way you want to, so you shouldn’t do anything just for the money.

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