118: Making an Impact After Tragedy: How to Donate Effectively with Dr. Recha Bergstrom

Wealthy Mom MD | Making an Impact After Tragedy: How to Donate EffectivelyDonating expert and philanthropy educator for physicians Dr. Recha Bergstrom is back on the show this week. In light of the recent tragedies we’ve seen, from gun violence, war, a pandemic, to natural disasters, many of us are feeling extremely emotionally activated. And as women physicians, we want to help and make a difference where possible.

Our visceral reaction to these tragedies is leaving us feeling angry, despairing, helpless, and like our brains are spinning in anxiety and trauma. You’re most definitely not alone if trying to find your focus here feels overwhelming. You might be reactively donating to causes you care about, but there is power in being intentional about how and where you donate, and this week, Dr. Recha is providing us a framework for how to do so.

Listen in as Dr. Recha Bergstrom offers her knowledge on donating effectively after tragedy. She’s laying out a step-by-step process for feeling empowered in the wake of such events, how she examines where she wants to make the biggest impact, and her top tips for ensuring you’re not giving to a fraudulent organization.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why philanthropy isn’t about having extreme wealth to make a difference. 
  • The difference between reactive and non-reactive giving. 
  • Why reactive donating isn’t the most effective way to spark change. 
  • The importance of pausing before taking action when you feel activated by tragedy. 
  • 3 steps to ensure you’re not giving to a fraudulent organization.
  • One of the ways Dr. Recha examines where she wants to donate. 
  • Dr. Recha’s rule of thumb when it comes to donating on GoFundMe.

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