119: Build Your Real Estate Empire with Letizia Alto

Wealthy Mom MD | Build Your Real Estate Empire with Letizia AltoThis week, you’re hearing from returning guest, Letizia Alto. She’s the person who first introduced me to investing in long-term cash-flowing rentals, and I’m having her back to talk all things real estate because for almost all of my clients, investing in real estate is the next most logical step for taking care of their financial futures. 

Leti is a hospitalist and family medicine doctor by training, but she and her husband decided to free themselves from the 60+ work-week grind by becoming real estate investors in 2015. They started Semi-Retired MD where they teach doctors and other high-income professionals how to invest in cash-flowing long-term rentals, and she’s here today to demystify the process of starting your real estate journey. 

If you want to create other streams of income, feel empowered taking control of your money, and maybe build a real estate empire along the way, this episode is for you. Leti is walking us through three reasons why real estate is such a popular investment vehicle, how she helps her clients reach mastery in this realm, and why not investing in real estate is actually riskier than you think.


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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • 3 reasons real estate is so popular as an investment vehicle.
  • Letizia’s journey of finding financial freedom through real estate.
  • What I’ve personally done so far in the real estate realm. 
  • Why you might feel scared to learn about and invest in something new.
  • How to override your primal fears to become comfortable with the notion of investing in real estate.
  • Why it’s actually risky to not invest in something other than the stock market. 
  • The beliefs that are keeping people from investing in real estate. 
  • How Leti and her husband teach doctors and other high-income professionals how to invest in long-term rentals.

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