Wealthy Mom MD | High-Income Earners: More Money Isn't the SolutionI’m bringing you something slightly different this week in the form of a podcast interview I did over on The Investor Mama Podcast. I had a brilliant conversation with host Jen Narciso about my business journey, money mindset, and the struggles high-income earners experience when it comes to money.

As you know, I’m super passionate about helping women make lots of money. We not only want to set ourselves up for a comfortable, or even luxurious life, but we also want to be financially secure for the future. So, we think the goal is to just make more and more money. However, just because we have more money doesn’t mean we will automatically know what to do with it, or that we’ll even feel good about it.

Join Jen and I this week as we dive into my top tips for high-income earners struggling with their relationship to money. I’m sharing the history of my business trajectory and how I transitioned into educating on money full-time, why more money isn’t the solution to feeling secure, and why investing in your mind is so important.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How I transitioned from working full-time in dermatology to educating women on money.
  • What my first year in business looked like.
  • The money mindset blocks I had to work through as my income grew.
  • Where I invest my money, and how it’s changed over time.
  • Why more money isn’t the solution to feeling insecure.
  • The most common struggles many people have with their relationship to money.
  • How to make your money work for you.
  • Why investing in your mind is so important.

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