115: Taking Care of Your Brain

Wealthy Mom MD | Taking Care of Your BrainA little while ago, I sent an email and posted on my social media about how I am on psychiatric medication. I had been trying to figure things out on my own and white-knuckle through, when I gave in and met with a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with Depression. And I got such an amazing response that I knew I had to do a podcast episode about it.

The whole divide between mental and physical health is ridiculous, and there is still a stigma attached to the term ‘mental health’ alone. We talk openly about physical health and taking care of that, but we hide away from talking about our mental health. The brain is of our most valuable organs, so why are we not talking more openly about taking care of it?

In this episode, I’m showing you the importance of taking care of your brain and sharing some ways to help you do this. I’m talking more about my experience with depression and why speaking about mental health is so important, why so many people feel like they can’t get help or support, and why you should always seek help if you are struggling.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it is so dangerous to white knuckle through and try to figure things out on our own. 
  • Some of the different ways you can get access to coaching.
  • Why coaching doesn’t work when your brain is not well.
  • How I think about the difference between a life coach, therapist, and psychiatrist.
  • My experience with post-partum anxiety.
  • Why it is important to know you are not alone if you are struggling.

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