160: The Mindset Required for Optimizing Credit Card Points with Devon Gimbel

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | The Mindset Required for Optimizing Credit Card Points with Devon GimbelMy guest this week is Devon Gimbel. Devon is a physician and a coach, and she teaches other high-income earners how to maximize and redeem credit card points. She was on the show a year ago and, the last time she was here, we talked about the technical side of maximizing your credit card points.

This time around, we’re talking more about the mindset side of maximizing your credit card points, and identifying what stops people from even getting started. I struggled with this myself when I first started dabbling in rewards travel, so this episode should inspire and motivate you to really get started for yourself because the luxury experiences that are available to us as high-income earners and entrepreneurs really make doing this work worthwhile.

Tune in this week to discover how to start traveling in luxury for less. We’re discussing what’s possible through credit card points, what stops people from getting started with points travel, why it can seem like points don’t hold that much value, and how to take advantage of the potentially enormous value of your rewards credit card points.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • What stops people from getting started on their credit card points journey, myself included.
  • How people redeem credit card points for way less than their potential value.
  • Why many people don’t understand the potential value of credit card points.
  • All of the potential trips I missed out on before I fully understood how to maximize my points.
  • What I have planned and how much I’ve managed to save on travel for this year alone.
  • Why some people in the medical profession are sitting on an untapped goldmine of credit card points.
  • How to start leveraging credit card points to increase your travel budget without sacrificing other savings and investments.

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