168: Perfectionism and Pursuing Goals with Dr. Priyanka Venugopal

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | Perfectionism and Pursuing Goals with Dr. Priyanka VenugopalIf you consider yourself a high-achiever or type-A perfectionist, this episode is for you. I’m joined by an amazing guest, and we’re discussing how our high-achieving brains impede us from reaching our goals, especially when it comes to money, which is my specialty, and weight loss, which is my guest’s area of expertise.

Joining me in this conversation is Dr. Priyanka Venugopal. Priyanka is an Ob/Gyn physician-turned-coach for high-achieving professional moms who want to lose weight without a calculator and create more sustainable ease at work and home. Over 10 years, she has talked with thousands of high-achieving professional women and gotten to the root of the high achiever's biggest obstacles in hitting goals at work and on the scale.

Tune in this week to discover how perfectionism could be stopping you from building wealth. You’ll discover why high-achieving perfectionists often don’t take the action that moves the needle, the beliefs that lead to mistakes and imperfect results derailing your progress, and how to develop a more positive relationship with yourself as you work toward your goals.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • What perfectionism is and why it’s unhelpful for achieving your goals.
  • How perfectionism shows up for high-achieving professional women.
  • The passive action you may be engaging in as a result of perfectionism and procrastination.
  • Why planning feels useful, but there are more important things when it comes to achieving goals.
  • The importance of clearly visualizing what you want to achieve and what your goals look like.
  • What properly evaluating your progress towards your goals looks like.
  • Why this work isn’t about never being a perfectionist.
  • How to prevent imperfect results from derailing your progress towards your big goals.

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