139: How to Protect Your Money

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | How to Protect Your MoneyHow are you protecting your money? Making and building wealth is one thing, but I’ve noticed people putting off some of the most important ways of protecting their wealth. Especially if you’re a parent, or you have anyone dependent on your income like your parents, you need to get your various insurances in order.

You need insurance until you can self-insure, meaning you have enough money to cover your financial needs in the event that something bad happens. So, to protect the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build, I’m showing you how to make sure you and your family are covered, no matter what happens.

Tune in this week to discover everything you need to know about life insurance and protecting your wealth. I’m sharing why women especially need to consider getting life insurance right now, why it’s always cheaper to get it right now than wait until the future, and everything you need to consider when it comes to protecting your family and your money.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why so many people don’t protect their money, even though they know it’s important.
  • The most important insurance that every single person should have.
  • Why every parent needs to have life insurance, but that isn’t just who it’s for.
  • Some of the more annoying parts about applying for life insurance, but why it’s still worth it.
  • How to decide on the best kinds of insurance to set your family up for life.

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