163: Scarcity and Sufficiency

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | Scarcity and SufficiencyFrom time to time, we all grapple with the nagging feeling of not having enough. But what is that feeling exactly? To me, it’s a combination of anxiety and fear swirling around in my brain and body. It’s universally human to feel like you don’t have enough, so it’s time to have a conversation about scarcity and sufficiency.

One particular aspect where scarcity often takes hold is our perception of money. Our brains are actually designed for scarcity by default. However, we have the power to disrupt this pattern and foster a mindset of sufficiency instead.

Tune in this week to discover how to move out of scarcity and into sufficiency. I’m discussing why scarcity, especially around money, is a commonly occurring feeling, how to instead see that you aren’t necessarily in danger, and what you can do to move into a real sense of sufficiency.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why our brains are naturally geared toward scarcity.
  • How to see where your brain is going to thoughts of not having enough money.
  • The difference between abundance and sufficiency, and why abundance is a difficult place to get to.
  • What sufficiency feels like.
  • How to start interrupting feelings of scarcity and move into sufficiency instead.

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