162: You Need a CFO with Emily Sandberg

Joining me this week is Emily Sandberg, my esteemed CFO and bookkeeper. Emily is a certified life coach with a specialization in online business, bringing a unique blend of financial expertise and mindset coaching to the table. Regardless of whether you're a business owner or not, the principles of money discussed in this episode will be beneficial.

We dive into the fascinating topic of money's influence on our sense of self-worth. Emily sheds light on a common fear among her clients, which revolves around investing their hard-earned money. It's time for us to gain clarity and confront these elusive thoughts that hinder us from maximizing our financial and emotional wealth.

Join Emily and I as we explore the crucial role of a coach in examining our mindset when it comes to money. Emily shares valuable insights on identifying unhelpful money mindsets, how we inadvertently use our lack of funds against ourselves, the true nature of financial security, and her proven methods for guiding clients out of these detrimental mindsets, enabling them to create genuine wealth.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Emily became a fractional CFO and bookkeeper.
  • The personal finance principles Emily introduced to her first client’s business, and how she turned that business around.
  • What the job of a CFO is and how it goes deeper than the job of a bookkeeper.
  • How Emily has helped me specifically with my finances in my business.
  • The fear Emily notices her clients having around investing their money.
  • How we subconsciously use money as a measure of self-worth, and how to uncouple your self-worth from your net worth.
  • Why more money isn’t what makes you feel more secure.
  • Emily’s tips for looking at your money and your spending differently.

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