15: The Retirement Myth

Society has a plan for us: go to school, get a degree, land a job, work hard for decades, and then retire. Recently, some people coined the term FIRE, or financial independence retire early, as a name for people who are combatting society’s traditional plan. But what if the issue isn’t when we reach retirement? What if the problem is actually retirement itself? That’s exactly what we are exploring in today’s episode called The Retirement Myth.

Most people feel frustrated with societal beliefs about retirement at some point. Maybe it’s frustration over how long it takes to achieve retirement. Maybe it’s money anxiety about affording retirement. There are many reasons why people may struggle at some point with these societal beliefs. 

While FIRE is sometimes presented as an alternative pathway that alleviates some of these frustrations, there’s actually a better way. No one needs to wait for retirement to live a fulfilling life. It’s true that you may not be able to live life exactly on your terms today, but all of us can get much closer to the lifestyle we want sooner than we imagine. 

Learning how to retrain your beliefs and shift your mindset around retirement is powerful. In fact, it can help you feel and savor little pleasures now that many of us think are off limits until decades down the road. Spend some time questioning what you are merely tolerating in life and why. Ask yourself what you want more of in each day or week or month. Commit to taking small steps to integrate the things you’ve previously put off. The life you want is only a few small changes away.

In this episode, we also explore:

  • How the arrival fallacy tricks our brains and my own experience with it
  • Society’s reversal of “be, do, have” and how coaching can remedy it
  • Ways I’ve designed my life so that I don’t need to focus on retirement ever again
  • Questions to ask yourself to add intentionality to your life today

Featured on the episode:

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  • Reduce your money anxiety so you can enjoy the present more with this podcast episode.
  • Learn more about how to manage your mindset with Wealthy Mom MD.
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