65: Three Steps to Creating Wealth

The Wealthy Mom MD Pocast with Dr. Bonnie Koo | Three Steps to Creating WealthI’m giving you unprecedented insight into the three-step process I take my clients through inside Money for Women Physicians. And the great news is you can start this process whether you’re in my program or not. I’m just there to guide and coach you along the way, but giving this a try for yourself will have so much value.

This process will offer you so much information in terms of discovering your current habits with money, and what’s standing in the way of you creating wealth, both in terms of money and the beliefs you’re holding onto. Trust me, this episode is going to be a real eye-opener.

Join me on the podcast this week as I discuss my three-step process and how to implement it in your life. I’m giving you the step-by-step, using myself as an example so you can see exactly how transformative this process is.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What the three steps of this process are.
  • How this process plays out in practice, using myself as an example.
  • What you can do to implement this three-step process in your own life.

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