105: Your Past, Present, and Future Self

The Wealthy Mom MD Podcast with Dr. Bonnie Koo | Your Past, Present, and Future SelfThere’s one important concept I use in my coaching work that I realized I haven’t talked about on the podcast. Now, it might sound a little out there at first, but I invite you to stay with me here because so much goodness and clarity have come out of this idea.

There are three versions of you: your past self, current self, and future self. When you’re thinking about your past self, like who you were last year, or even when you were a kid, it’s easy to be mean to yourself if you regret past decisions. However, when you can understand and compare your past self to your present and future self, so much about how you operate becomes clearer.

Tune in this week to stop spinning in regret or beating yourself up because of past decisions. I’m sharing how to stop arguing with your past self, and how to get clear on your present and future selves, so you can make decisions now that you don’t look back on negatively in the future.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • What my clients typically beat themselves up over in regard to their past.
  • Why everything you have done in the past makes perfect sense based on what you were thinking and believing at the time.
  • How to develop the kind of self-relationship that leads to less regret, no matter the circumstances.
  • Why shaming yourself never results in positive behavior change.
  • How to set goals as your future self while appreciating your past and present self.

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