128: The Secret to Losing Weight with Katrina Ubell, MD

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | The Secret to Losing Weight with Katrina Ubell, MDDo you know the secret to losing weight? Well, my guest this week has written an incredible book on exactly this subject, and she’s here to discuss her story of losing weight as a busy physician. She's giving us some valuable insight into how we can start approaching weight loss differently, and of course, there are so many parallels to draw between weight loss and money, so we really cover everything.

Katrina Ubell, MD, is a Master Certified life and weight-loss coach who struggled with her own weight for decades until she found a permanent solution. Since creating her weight loss program, she’s helped over 1300 physicians achieve peace and freedom around food, and she’s here to share some truly valuable information with us.

Tune in this week to discover the secret to losing weight permanently. Katrina is here to share why losing weight doesn’t need to involve extreme dieting and restriction, and why the real results come when you address your thoughts and your relationship with food, making weight loss a side effect of the deeper work.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Katrina’s story of becoming a life coach for physicians who specializes in weight loss.
  • What emotional eating is and why you might be an emotional eater without even realizing.
  • Why you can only get so far by focusing on food before you need to address the mental component of weight loss.
  • The many parallels we can draw between money and weight loss.
  • How other areas of life improved for Katrina when she discovered how to eat only what her body needed.
  • Why weight loss doesn’t have to be a complicated routine of meal prep, willpower, and struggle.
  • How to think the kinds of positive thoughts that create permanent weight loss.
  • Katrina’s advice for people, like me, who consider themselves foodies.

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