Miss Bonnie MD Rebrands to Wealthy Mom MD

Miss Bonnie MD is Rebranding to Wealthy Mom MD

In case you haven’t heard, Miss Bonnie MD is rebranding to Wealthy Mom MD!

In about a week, Miss Bonnie MD as you know it will no longer exist and you’ll be redirected to our new website. I am super excited about the new look and feel, here’s a sneak peek.

You may be wondering – why “Wealthy Mom MD?” When I started this blog two years ago, I didn’t wake up one day thinking “I’m going to start this blog…” Initially, it was a way for me to write thoughtful posts in response to questions I saw being asked over and over again in a Facebook group. I picked Miss Bonnie MD because, well, it’s my email address! How’s that for thoughtful branding? As my blog grew and evolved, so did I.

Over the past two years, I learned a lot along with you all. I got engaged, became a stepmom to Wren and mom to Jack. I went from being over 6 figures in negative net worth to well on my way to 7 figures net worth.

I experienced some of life’s best and some of life’s worst experiences. One thing that has really stuck with me – life is short. Our time is short.

For physician moms, time seems to slip away from our fingers as we juggle doctor, mother, wife or partner, and friend. On the surface, the word wealthy is about money. The more I've learned about money, the more I've learned about the kind of freedom it can ultimately give you. Being wealthy is a way of thinking, a mindset — not a number.

That's what Wealthy Mom MD is all about. It's not just about money, it's about cultivating an approach to life. As Henry David Thoreau said, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

Miss Bonnie MD is Rebranding to Wealthy Mom MD

Wealthy Mom MD’s mission is to empower physician moms to build wealth and create the ultimate work balance. Your ideal life will look different than someone else’s. I am here to guide you on your journey. Thank you for being here week after week making this community what it is.

And if you haven't joined yet, be sure to find the Wealthy Mom Physicians Facebook group.

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