New Podcast: Review of the WCI Conference

Carrie, me and Jim[/caption] Hear Carrie and I discuss our thoughts on the first Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy conference aka the WCI Conference. Obviously we got to meet Jim and lots of other awesome people. Jim actually went skiing with M along with some other docs. They skied Jupiter (double black diamond in case you were wondering) and survived. One of the highlights for me was meeting lots of ladies from online at the Women’s Reception. *podcast code* I was also a speaker at the conference. My talk was titled “Balancing Work, Family and Finances.” I discussed:

Yeah … that was an ambitious amount of material to cover in less than 50 minutes! In retrospect, I should have nixed estate planning but I figured at least some of the participants would find it useful. So many folks neglect estate planning since it never seems urgent. I could have spent the whole lecture discussing Women Physicians. Now that I am a mother I have serious respect for all my physician mom colleagues. We have two very difficult and demanding jobs in addition to running the household, balancing the checkbook, and making sure food is in the fridge. The first step to not going insane and burn out is to first acknowledge that it is completely unrealistic that you can “do it all.” I remember not too long ago an avalanche of articles about “having it all.” It’s a myth! My main tip here was to not be afraid to outsource. Yet I meet so many physician moms in barely survival mode because many of us feel guilty. Cut it out. I don’t clean my home. Nor do I do laundry (rarely anyway). I do enjoy cooking but it’s been tougher since Eggy came along. I also chose to work 4 days a week instead of 5. I chose a job where I have great support staff relieving me of duties that I don’t truly have to do as the physician (basic charting, basic call backs etc). I also discussed investing in your marriage especially after having children. Too many husbands and wives neglect this. Have a babysitting budget. Spend time with your partner without the kids weekly. Take kid-less vacations.
Happy parents, happy children, happy bank account
Would love to hear tips from you – what advice would you give to a new physician mom?]]>

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  1. Meri on March 26, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    Very similar to what you just said— outsource as much as you can [afford], so you can spend quality time with the children as well as the spouse. Date nights are non-negotiable if you hope to maintain a strong marriage. With a really little one it can be hard, but even just putting the kids to bed early and having an adult only dinner once a week can do wonders. We schedule a real date out with a babysitter once a month now that my infant reliably takes a bottle and I’m no longer pumping. Those few hours are an amazing way to recharge!

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