145: Past Performance Does Not Predict Future Returns 2.0

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | Past Performance Does Not Predict Future Returns 2.0It’s natural to look to our past to see if we can do something in the future, but is it really helping? This method of analysis is something we’re taught from a very young age. We’re told what we can and cannot do based on our past performance, and we don’t generally question it.

The truth is, past performance is in the past. It’s done, and it has nothing to do with your future. So, if you’ve ever told yourself you can’t do something because you couldn’t do it in the past, it’s time to completely change the way you’re thinking about the past.

In this episode, I’m showing you why we tend to keep repeating our thoughts about the past over and over, and I’m sharing a simple exercise that will help you see that your past doesn’t matter and your future is limitless in terms of what you’re able to create, financially or otherwise.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How so many of us allow our past to dictate our future.
  • Why everything we do or don’t do is based entirely on our thoughts
  • Some of the ways you might be thinking about the future that aren’t serving you in the present.
  • A simple exercise to start seeing that your future around money is limitless, regardless of your past.

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