146: Do You Need to Try Something Different?

Wealthy Mom MD with Bonnie Koo | Do You Need to Try Something Different?We’ve had some super-productive coaching calls inside my program Live Wealthy about a wide range of topics, so I’m bringing you some of the pearls that came out of those conversations because I know they’ll apply to many of you listening and help you discover where you might need to try something different in your life.

One of the goals my clients share is that they want to go part-time as a physician. Maybe you have the same goal, but you can’t work through the potential dip in income and the anxiety of having less money. Whatever you’re dealing with, it’s easy to let stress overwhelm us. But I’m encouraging you to consider that the opposite could be true.

Tune in this week for a unique insight into the coaching we do inside Live Wealthy. I’m discussing what stops women physicians from going after more in their lives, how our thoughts stop us from seeing what’s actually working for us, why failure is required for success, and where you might need to try something new in creating the life you want.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why a dip in income now doesn’t mean your income has to be lower forever.
  • One question to ask yourself to discover how going part-time could actually be the catalyst for earning more money.
  • How much we tolerate as physicians in an industry that leaves us burned out and miserable.
  • Why starting a business is the fastest vehicle for personal growth.
  • How I coach my clients to build the belief that more is always possible.

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