68: The Truth About Motivation

The Wealthy Mom MD Pocast with Dr. Bonnie Koo | The Truth About MotivationWhen it comes to recurring tasks, it’s so common that we struggle for the motivation to carry them out. Sound familiar? Of course it does. We’ve all been there. And on today’s show, I’m sharing what might be a surprising take on the whole motivation conversation.

I’ve talked about motivation on the podcast before, but I’m taking the discussion a little further on today’s episode and framing motivation in a different way entirely. I had a client ask inside my program Money for Women Physicians about how she could cultivate more motivation. And what I told her will definitely surprise you, and hopefully, inspire you.

Join me on the podcast this week for a new perspective on motivation. I’m sharing what we choose to make a lack of motivation mean, why it’s ultimately not a problem if you don’t feel motivated, and how you can show up even when the idea doesn’t exactly light you up.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How our brains make not feeling motivated a big deal.
  • Why motivation might not be as important as you currently believe.
  • What happens in our brain when we decide to show up even when we feel resistance.
  • How to choose to show up, even when you don’t feel motivated.

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