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A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Financially Independent Using Real Estate

This is a guest post by Letizia of Semi-Retired MD. She and her husband are both physicians and have achieved...

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End Of The Year Financial Tips

Check out the companion podcast over at the Hippocratic Hustle! Can you believe 2018 is almost over? With just over...

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Real Estate Syndications: How I Dipped My Toes In

It was time to dip my toes into the water… or rather land. You may have noticed that there are...

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Eggy May Have More Accounts Than You

if any, for your kid(s)’s education & life is a personal decision. There is no simple answer. I don’t recommend...

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Fire Your Financial Advisor!

If you’re interested in learning more about finances and don’t have the time or interest to wade through books, blogs,...

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Our 2018 Savings & Investing Plan

2018 is well underway. Last year, M and I had a good amount of tax advantaged retirement “pots” available to...

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Tying up loose ends and the Mega Backdoor Roth IRA

announced our move to a MCOL. I had < 2 months before my planned maternity leave to figure out how to...

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$350,000 worth of financial mistakes

Nobody is perfect and that includes me. I thought I’d share my financial blunders. We have all made mistakes. The...

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Why A Physician Woman Should Strive For Financial Independence

FIRE (financial independence, retire early) is not really a “goal” from many physicians. It’s not that they won’t want to....

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The Solo 401(k)

The Solo 401(k) Part 2

This is part 2 of The Solo 401(k) mini-series. In Part 1, I discussed why the solo-K is so great...

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